Vinno 80 (High End Ultrasound Scanner) by nicola butti - BUTTIstile design
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Award Winner
The customer (VINNO Medical) is a startup Chinese company aiming at competing worldwide with well-established brands such as G.E. and Toshiba. They realized the importance of INDUSTRIAL DESIGN as a key factor to create innovation and personality for their brand. The brief they gave t our design company was very simple&challenging: to create something CLEAN, SIMPLE, MODERN, but at the same time quite REASSURING, FEMININE, ELEGANT.
The overall result, according to the feedback we got from the international exhibitions we already took part in, is extremely positive. We managed to SURPRISE our potential customer, with a neat styling that blends solid volumes and organic surfaces with the cool "Mac-style" straight edges and cold colors required in the aseptic hospital/clinical environment.
Design Challenges
Our team faced many challenges during the development of VINNO 80. 1. understanding the hundreds of rules and regulations related to the best ergonomics for medical devices. 2. designing something modern and different, but not aggressive or super-cold 3. designing a world-product: it means understanding the needs of customers worldwide (and their different taste) 4. selecting the best materials according to the desired result keeping an eye on cost control
Production Technology
The complete process 8the first for our company in the ultrasound devices' field) included: research, brainstorming, study of regulations and standards, creativity, 2d proposals, 3d proposlas, 3d mockup, rapid prototype, U.I. design, graphic design, advertising and communication material design, exhib. stands design.
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