Slider Folding Bike (Bicycle) by Paul Hao Ting Hsu
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
Thinking about how hard a folding bike is unfriendly to woman, I want to design a better bike for them. Use gravity to help the folding process, and better diamond shape for fashion. That's the bike I want to give them.
The concept is the use of better structure and change handle place to reduce the hardness of riding on and the high weight of the folding. This is a solution that Citybike user request can be solved. The main frame with the diamond shape and the principle of the gravitational field equilibrium no need to wear all the bike weight on and folded in 2 seconds. Upon opening, just tilt, gravity would give strength to help expand. Slider after folding size is a suitcase size and handlebars can be used as drag handle. Diamond structure help the front wheel steady on it fixed.
Design Challenges
geometric dimensions, folding process, structure strength, cost down, usage, all this makes harder to production.
Production Technology
Use 6061 Aluminum tube Welding all the parts up, I design a better way to shape the diamond structure. All of the tube size is in 4 diffident sizes, which make the production cost down. 20"inches Tires make this bike size small, but the geometric dimensions is so good that ride us a 26"inches bike.
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