Verico Penpal (Memory Storage) by Jeremy Tsai
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
The inspiration came from the up dated technology trend. Nowadays people look for simple designs and functional products. Inspired in Apple Concept, we started to brainstorm the 5 Ws for our new products. Finally, we figured out the combination of a pencil sharpener with a USB flash.
1. Adapting the COB technology into the USB 3.0 makes Verico Penpal a dust and water proof product. 2. It is the smallest USB 3.0 ever. 3. Multifunctional design makes people no need to carry lots of things, no matter at work or school. 4. Simple and trendy design.
Design Challenges
Each product is individual with its own function, but combining two different functional products into one, it requires a lot of efforts and studies. At the beginning, the product we had designed was quite long and big due to the size limitation of the USB Flash, then we struggle to find a way to reduce the size. Therefore, we requested our RD team to layout a USB 3.0 to see if there is any possibility to reduce the size of a USB 3.0. Finally, our technicians adapted the Chips on board technology into the USB 3.0 and created the smallest USB 3.0 ever. After the main issue was solved, we found out that the angle of the sharpener could affect the sharpness of the pencil. In consequence, we have spent a lot of moldings designs for the sharpener, just to have the perfect angle. At the end, we have invented the multifunctional USB Flash drive with the latest technology of USB 3.0 call Verico Penpal.
Production Technology
The product will be divided into two parts. 1. Housing The main material used in Verico Penpal is Zinc alloy. To manufacture Verico penpal housing it needs 3 stages. (1). Casting (2). Surface polishing (3). Electro plating 2. The smallest USB 3.0 Flash Drive Adapting the world’s most advanced Chip on board (COB) technology, Verico Penpal is the world’s smallest USB 3.0 Flash Drive.
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