S4nity S4 Ident (Brand Identity) by Creativitea Design Studio
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
We looked at iconic robots that provoked an emotional response, such as R2 D2 and Johnny 5..
We sought to differentiate S4nity from other I.T. companies by designing a visually engaging brand using the platform a of a lovable and recognizable mascot, in the shape of S4.
Design Challenges
The challenge was achieving an engaging brand which transcends into a dynamic visual, bringing interest to a subject matter that at times can be complex and dull to communicate, whilst delivering the values and technological knowhow behind S4nity. Our answer to the challenge....S4, the S4nity mascot and brand's spokesperson.
Production Technology
The original concept started out with the traditional ink to paper, fleshing out shapes and designs for S4. Once this process was completed a mored defined character sheet was produced, showing different characteristics of S4's expressions and body parts. A computer generated model was built, texture's and ringing being applied to bringing S4 to life in a 3D environment.
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