Poise (Adjustable Table Lamp) by Dabi Robert
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Minimal, contemporary and flexible are often used terms in my design language. My lamp concepts involve a certain amount of interaction in order to modify the way light is perceived. This should encourage curiosity and human interaction with the light source, instead of just putting it somewhere to rest. I strive for a deeper relationship to the interior product.
A glowing circle that freely levitates around a line. By changing the position, POISE can have a dynamic or static appeal. POISE has three swivel joints, which allows full flexibility. The heavy T-base serves as counterweight to the very slim and light arm & ring, allowing the lamp to always remain balanced in poise.
Design Challenges
I've been researching, designing & prototyping lighting objects for the last 2-3 years now, just because I became very enthusiastic about this subject. To me, lighting isn't something that is just there. I want to use it, alter it, observe it, interact with it. That's why I intuitively always try to design lighting objects that are not only interesting to look at, but also make you want to play with them.
Production Technology
The lamp manufactured by myself. The T-shaped base is made of brass which contains a custom made rotary joint with spring. This should on the one hand ensure that it is strong enough to balance the ring even when it's leaned far out, and on the other hand prevent the joint from getting loose over time. A switch is placed somewhere between lamp & socket with options for smart & dim controls, so that the way of controlling the lamp is future proof.
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