Fluid Space (Sales Center) by Kris Lin
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The project is located in the eastern part of the main urban area of Yaohai District, Hefei City, far from the noise of the city center. Inspired by the design of "Fei river form" of Hefei Mother River, the designer follows the concept of art design of Fei river curve and introduces the art elements of flowing space into the interior space. Through the combination of geometric art elements and interior functions, the designer creates an orderly, humanistic, artistic and aesthetic space.
The sensibility and freedom of the curve are gradually used in the space by the designers. With the unique shape, people can see a bright future. The integration of streamline shape creates more possibilities for the space. Abandons the partition type layout, outlines the high and low fluctuation spatial rhythm with the modern sense line, smooth, free is the main language of the space, the wandering line presents the modern spatial esthetics in the connection between the opening and closing.
Design Challenges
The designer applies the feeling of waves and fluctuations in the water to the indoor space. The neat wooden waves at the top of the negotiation area are interwoven with the rhythmic visual aesthetic feeling in the clouds and running water. The vitality and appeal of the curve are embodied here. Designers use modern design techniques to create a dynamic and rich space artistic conception, which increases the interactivity between people and space.
Production Technology
Every space can be seen everywhere in the atmosphere of contemporary art, with the help of sharp lines and stone, glass collocation, showing the aesthetic sense of interwoven lines of sight. With modern art as the theme, we use high-quality solid wood bright paint, leather and stone, exquisite metal to create elegant and noble quality. The bar area also follows the dynamic changes of the wooden ocean, full of delicate design aesthetics.
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