Catzz (Cat Bed) by Mirko Vujicic
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Winner
I was inspired by my own cat in terms of both form and function. Distinct geometry in my cat facial features guided the form of design, whereas her movement and behavior inspired the interactive aspect. The material was chosen to fit the cat needs for a warm and snugly environment, which felt provides. Knowing that cats are always on the lookout for the perfect hiding and resting spot and that their preferences vary, it was important for me to provide the possibility for adaptation.
Catzz cat bed relies on clean and contemporary design, which is the result of careful thinking and research in order to make a perfect combination of functionality, content and form. The modularity of the product enables personalization, reconfiguration, easy maintenance and conveniently flat packaging.
Design Challenges
After the research, a clear need for a cat bed that assembles and disassembles easily, but is sturdy at the same time, arose. The challenge was not to use any screws and to avoid using tools. I needed something simple. Therefore, I opted for snap fasteners to connect the triangular modules reliably and plastic plates to strengthen them within, making modules thin and sturdy. As a result, those modules can fit into a flat packaging which is simple to transport.
Production Technology
Triangular modules are made from felt pieces and plastic plates, all cut by a laser. Two felt pieces are glued to a plastic plate in the middle, and the hems of felt pieces are sewn. Each module corner has a snap fastener stud attached. Assembly connectors, made from metal by cutting and bending, have snap fastener sockets attached. Modules used for "ears" do not have a plastic plate, but only two pieces of felt sewn together, and have fabric connectors because the "ears" need flexibility.
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