Adaptdx Pro (Measures Dark Adaptation) by Craig Mauch
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Award Winner
The original AdaptDx automated dark adaptometer is a traditional 45-pound tabletop device that requires a technician to administer a 5-20 minute test in a totally dark room, while coaching the patient and adjusting their head for proper alignment. The AdaptDx Pro completely reimagines this experience by shrinking the device into a self-contained, wearable headset that creates a comfortable personal dark room. An onboard technician (Theia) uses AI to provide self guided tests.
The AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia breaks through the ophthalmic medical device industry by offering a completely new experience for patients and eye care professionals in the fight against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The device provides a comfortable padded head strap that can be adjusted to each patient. An overhead strap provides added adjustability. Eye cups outfitted with one time use Comfort Guards ensure a light-tight seal with comfort and personal hygiene.
Design Challenges
A bench top system was miniaturized it into a wearable headset design which eliminated the need for testing in a darkroom. Challenges overcome to achieve this was one size fits all eye cups for light seal, shortened optical light path which was optically equivalent to longer path in the bench top system, an on board automated technician (using AI) to self guide the test. IR Cameras used for pupil detection and two axis motor for alignment of optics directly in front of the patients eyes.
Production Technology
Critical engineering activities included: (i) Industrial design of the eye cups for universal one-size-fits-all use and ergonomic design of the head strap, and handheld controller (ii) Optical design optimization with rapid prototyping of optical assemblies for light testing to characterize performance. (iii) Circuit board design for 20 PCB/Flex circuits. (iv) Mechanical design for approximately 30 injection molded parts.
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